Ahmad B.


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University of Limerick – Chemical Sciences Department

Position held


Principal Investigator & Project Leader



The Bernal Institute, University of Limerick, Limerick, V94 T9PX, Ireland



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Key words 


·      PAT implementation

·      Continous Manufacturing


·      Particles

·      Processing


·      Optimization



Areas of Research/Expertise 

Dr Ahmad B. Albadarin is a Principal Investigator & Project Leader at the University of Limerick (Bernal Institute and Chemical Sciences Department). Dr Albadarin has more than 8 years’ experience in working with industrial partners. He received a B.S. degree in Analytical Chemistry and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Queen’s University Belfast in 2012 and has excellent management and leadership skills. He is currently completing his Master Business Administration (MBA) degree at Kemmy Business School. He has been active in the area of particle processing, solid state chemistry, formulation and processing of pharmaceuticals; collaboration on research projects with numerous international manufacturing companies: cleaning methods development (Novartis); product quality and control/PAT implementation (Astellas and Johnson and Johnson); energy/environmental efficiency via new adsorption processes (Bombardier Aerospace); new product developments (SABIC via controlled release product).

He is the co-founder and the CEO of the spin-out company, Innovative Particle Processing (iP2). His research focuses on providing a comprehensive range of advanced particle/powder processing solutions processing services and engineered particles production in batch and continuous manufacturing. Dr Albadarin works at the Bernal Institute at the University of Limerick. The Institute provides state-of–the-art equipment and facilities and is a hub for researchers from a broad range of expertise. It houses one of the world’s most advanced labs for particle and powder processing, the Pharmaceutical Processing Suite, with a huge suite of processing and analysis equipment matched by world-leading experts.


5 Most representative publications related to mechanochemistry 

Organic synthesis by Twin Screw Extrusion (TSE): continuous, scalable and solvent-free

Deborah E. Crawford Clodagh K. G. Miskimmin,   Ahmad B. Albadarin,   Gavin Walker  and  Stuart L. James. Green Chemistry:

Developing ANN-Kriging hybrid model based on process parameters for prediction of mean residence time distribution in twin-screw wet granulation. H.Y. Ismail, M. Singh, S. Darwish, M. Kuhs, S. Shirazian, D.M. Croker, M. Khraisheh, A.B. Albadarin, G.M. Walker. Powder Technology:

Compartmental approach for modelling twin-screw granulation using population balances. H.Y. Ismail, S. Shirazian, M. Singh, D. Whitaker, A.B. Albadarin, G.M. Walker. International Journal of Pharmaceutics:

Development of stability-enhanced ternary solid dispersions via combinations of HPMCP and Soluplus® processed by hot melt extrusion. Ahmad B. Albadarin, C.B. Potter, M.T. Davis, J. Iqbal, S. Korde, S. Pagire, A. Paradkar, G. Walker. International Journal of Pharmaceutics:

WO2019145401 - METHOD AND APPARATUS - A method of processing active pharmaceutical ingredients and apparatus for use in such methods. Ahmad B. Albadarin, Zeglinski J., Walker G. P34678GB1.

5 Most representative publications non-related to Mechanochemistry 

Solomon, S., Ziaee, A., Giraudeau, L., O'Reilly, E., Walker, G. and Ahmad B. Albadarin (2019). Particle engineering of excipients: A mechanistic investigation into the compaction properties of lignin and [co]-spray dried lignin', International Journal of Pharmaceutics,

Kinetic and thermodynamics of chromium ions adsorption onto low-cost dolomite adsorbent, Ahmad B. Albadarin, Mangwandi, C., Al-Muhtaseb, A.H., Walker, G.M., Allen, S.J. and Ahmad, M.N.M. (2012). Chemical Engineering Journal, 179, 193-202,

Activated lignin-chitosan extruded blends for efficient adsorption of methylene blue. Ahmad B. Albadarin, Collins, M.N., Naushad, M., Shirazian, S., Walker, G. and Mangwandi, C. (2017).  Chemical Engineering Journal, 307, 264-272. DOI:

Sajjia, M., Shirazian, S., Egan, D., Iqbal, J., Ahmad B. Albadarin, Southern, M. and Walker, G. (2017). Mechanistic modelling of industrial-scale roller compactor ‘Freund TF-MINI model’, Computers and Chemical Engineering, 104, 141-150, DOI:   

Mangwandi, C., Suhaimi, S.N.A., Liu, J.T., Dhenge, R.M. and Ahmad B. Albadarin (2016). Design, production and characterisation of granular adsorbent material for arsenic removal from contaminated wastewater, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 110, 70-81. DOI:

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