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Brno University of Technology, Central European Institute of Technology

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Purkyňova 123, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic



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Materials processing

Coatings processing


Materials characterization

Anorganic chemistry


Development of testing and processing technologies


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Theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the areas of bulk metallic materials, intermetallics, ceramics and surface treatments, from the viewpoint of fabrication/manufacturing technology, and evaluation of its physical, chemical and mechanical properties by the methods specific and/or commonly used in materials engineering. Current research focused on high temperature structural materials, high temperature coatings, lightweight non-ferrous alloys, and functional materials for specific purposes, such as: thermoelectrics, magnetoelectrics, materials for physiosorption, materials for chemisorption, biodegradable materials, etc.

5 Most representative publications related to mechanochemistry

(1) Torres-Rodríguez, J.; Gutiérrez-Cano, V.; Menelaou, M.; Kaštyl, J.; Cihlář, J.; Tkachenko, S.; González, J.; Kalmár, J.; Fábián, I.; Lázár, I.; Čelko, L.; Kaiser, J. Rare-Earth Zirconate Ln2Zr2O7 (Ln: La, Nd, Gd, and Dy) Powders, Xerogels, and Aerogels: Preparation, Structure, and Properties. Inorg. Chem. 2019, 58 (21), 14467-14477.

(2) Torres-Rodríguez, J.; Kalmár, J.; Menelaou, M.; Čelko, L.; Dvořák, K.; Cihlář, J.; Cihlář, J.; Kaiser, J.; Győri, E.; Veres, P.; Fábián, I.; Lázár, I. Heat Treatment Induced Phase Transformations in Zirconia and Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Monolithic Aerogels. J. Supercrit. Fluid. 2019, 149, 54-63.

(3) Dyčková, L.; Komarov, P.; Remešová, M.; Dyčka, M.; Dvořák, K.; Menelaou, M.; Čelko, L. Optimization of Molybdenum Powder Milling Parameters. Obrab. Met. 2018, 20 (3), 109-122.

(4) Tkachenko, S.; Čížek, J.; Mušálek, R.; Dvořák, K.; Spotz, Z.; Montufar-Jimenéz, E.B.; Chráska, T.; Křupka, I.; Čelko, L. Metal Matrix to Ceramic Matrix Transition via Feedstock Processing of SPS Titanium Composites Alloyed with High Silicone Content. J. Alloy. Compd. 2018, 764, 776-788.

(5) Balagna, C.; Fais, A.; Brunelli, K.; Peruzzo, L.; Horynová, M.; Čelko, L.; Spriano, S. Electro-Sinter-Forged Ni–Ti Alloy. Intermetallics. 2016, 68, 31-41.

5 Most representative publications non-related to Mechanochemistry 

(1) Remešová, M.; Tkachenko, S.; Kvarda, D.; Ročňáková, I.; Gollas, B.; Menelaou, M.; Čelko, L.; Kaiser, J. Effects of Anodizing Conditions and the Addition of Al2O3/PTFE Particles on the Microstructure and the Mechanical Properties of Porous Anodic Coatings on the AA1050 Aluminium Alloy. Appl. Surf. Sci. 2020, 513, 145780.

(2) Ziegelheim, J.; Lombardi, L.; Česánek, Z.; Houdková, Š.; Schubert, J.; Jech, D.; Čelko, L.; Pala, Z. Abradable Coatings for Small Turboprop Engines: A Case Study of Nickel-Graphite Coating. J. Therm. Spray. Techn. 2019, 28 (4), 794-802.

(3) Čelko, L.; Menelaou, M.; Casas-Luna, M.; Horynová, M.; Musálek, T.; Remešová, M.; Díaz-de-la-Torre, S.; Morsi, K.; Kaiser, J. Spark Plasma Extrusion and the Thermal Barrier Concept. Metal. Mater. Trans. B. 2019, 50 (2), 656-665.

(4) Skalka, P.; Slámečka, K.; Montufar-Jimenéz, E.B.; Čelko, L. Estimation of the Effective Elastic Constants of Bone Scaffolds Fabricated by Direct Ink Writing. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 2019, 39 (4), 1586-1594.

(5) Horynová, M.; Remešová, M.; Klakurková, L.; Dvořák, K.; Ročňáková, I.; Yan, S.; Čelko, L.; Song, G.L. Design of Tailored Biodegradable Implants: The Effect of Voltage on Electrodeposited Calcium Phosphate Coatings on Pure Magnesium. J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 2019, 102, 123-135.

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